Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Keep Running...

How do you have a blog that’s mostly about running and not mention what happened in Boston? I tried to think of a way not to write about it. I wanted to skate over it and go right on to my marathon on Saturday. Why don’t I want to write about it? Because I’m not qualified to, I don’t know how to express what I’m feeling. But, if I were to skate right over it, would it appear to that I don’t care?
I do care. I’m terrified, angry, sad, defiant, grateful, furious, and confused. I don’t possess the words to express any of it properly.
I went on a run with a dear friend yesterday. It helped to talk to her. That soothing combination of a good friend and physical exhaustion seemed to calm me down. I can’t say that I ran yesterday to prove a point. I ran yesterday because I didn’t know what else to do.
I run.
It’s who I am. And I hope that no low life douchebag can take that away from me.

But during my run I did notice something. Fellow runners were a little friendlier. A few days ago I might not have seen nearly as many smiles or heard as many hellos. It even seemed like people in cars were more thoughtful…A little more eager to wait at an intersection. Maybe that was all in my head. But if it was real… can we keep it up? Let’s not just be extra nice when a tragedy strikes. Let’s do that all the time.
I hope that we can heal from this. And I hope that we can move forward. I hope that we will keep running.


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