Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's Wrong With Me?!?!?

I’ve got a marathon in two and a half weeks or so and a 50k in September. I’m running, sure. I’m running plenty and that’s ok. But what am I doing when I’m not running? I dunno, maybe you should ask the saggy couch cushion on my couch. And also, ask me what level I’m on in Candy Crush, cause I’m KILLING IT! Also, ask me how to make beef jerky? The answer is: cut up some meat, throw it in the dehydrator and then get back to work... crushing candy.

-Maybe it’s the heat.
                I mean it hasn’t been so terrible, but can’t I blame my crappy attitude and general laziness on summer?

-Maybe I’m just tired. I train SO hard!
               That’s BS too. I don’t really train THAT hard. I mean, I do heart rate training. When I try to train really hard, my watch yells at me, so then I walk. I have the energy to do TONS of stuff after work. I’m just not doing it.

                Total BS. I’m not in 7th grade gym class anymore, so I should really stop using that excuse.

-Maybe I’m just lazy?
                How is a person that’s running 35+ miles a week lazy? Just ask my couch.

 The answer.... maybe it's just a funk, but like not the cool James Brown kind. Just the I want to lay around on the couch kinda funk.
How do you heal a funk? I dunno. First thing? Take a day off every now and then. Second? Make a point to not spend every second not running or working on the couch. Sometimes you gotta fake it til you make it. Like tonight. I finally got around to a bit of sewing I've been thinking about but not doing for weeks. And I finished up this blog post that I've been adding a word or two to for days now.
Watch out world! Things are happening!


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