Monday, October 20, 2014

Indianapolis Marathon...a training run

I’m so tired of training for my next 50 miler that I did something so stupid…. 

I signed up for a full marathon as a training run.

But wait! There’s more!

I signed up for another full marathon the very next weekend as a training run….

It all made so much sense in my head when I wrote it out on paper. I mean, that’s the mileage that I needed anyway, what’s the difference? And frankly, I’m SO TIRED of running the same places I always run. So, when you think about that it’s actually a good idea, right?

Well, I don't know that it was a good idea, but the wheels are in motion, so I'm determined to see how it works out. In fact, the first marathon is DONE! This past weekend I ran the Indianapolis Marathon. I ran this race last year and despite crappy weather at the start, I had a really nice time. 

This weekend was an immediate improvement over last year because the rain looked like it would hold off for at least the first half to three quarters of the race. I drove up on my own early in the morning and parked right in front of my friends that were doing the half. After packet pick up, we all hit the port a pots and chatted until the start. 

And then we were off!

The race was... a race. I ran too fast in the beginning, I hated everything in the middle, I couldn't wait to get done at the end, and I realized how much a road marathon HURTS! Oh my lord! I haven't run that far on roads in a while and it beat the living snot out of me. 

So, I thought about this blog post on the drive home. What was I gonna write about? How was this race any different than other races? Well, training runs are where you figure stuff out for race day, right? So here's some stuff I figured out during the race.

1) Every race has at least one super awesome moment. If it happens late in the race, you're just lucky, cause you probably need it then. If it happens early in the race, take that moment, shove it in your pocket, and pull it back out when you hate running the MOST of all. 

During this race I was about 6ish miles in and on a tiny out and back when a woman I don't know that was heading my direction said, "hey, I read your blog". I completely locked up because well frankly, I'm always a bit surprised that anyone reads my blog, not to mention people I don't know. But I had the most gigantic grin on my face that flew me through the next mile or two. And later in the race, when I felt like crap, I thought about it again and got the same dumb (and potentially scary looking at that point) grin on my face. Once again, it carried me through another mile or two. Also, if that person is indeed reading this blog, what I SHOULD have said was, "OH MY GOD THANK YOU! HAVE A GREAT RACE!". Instead, I locked up like a 13 year old getting asked to slow dance for the first time. So. Freaking. Smooth.

2)  I hate mile markers. I wear a Garmin when I run, so I'm painfully aware of what mile I am on at all times for the most part. But there's something about those glaring mile markers at road races that drive me absolutely insane. Is it because I'm looking at my Garmin and know exactly how much "off" they are from my Garmin? Is it the clock that's always underneath them that doesn't actually reflect MY start time? I have no idea. But, I can't handle them. 

3) Watch the leaves fall, cause oh my god NATURE!!!! Indiana is smack dab in the middle of a jaw droppingly gorgeous Autumn. And this race ran through a park that was BEAUTIFUL with fall leaves. I caught myself watching a leaf or two just fall down and I forgot I was in a race at all, just for a second. Running races can be fun. But looking around and enjoying your ability to run races is pretty amazing.

4) If someone calling you a name under their breathe motivates them.... Let them do it. I was back and forth with a guy for a bit and I'm preeettttttyyyy sure I heard him say something under his breath about not letting that b*$&% pass him. At first I was offended... But then I just smiled and thought, if that's what keeps you going, have at it. These races are not easy, you have to play every card you have in the deck.

5) Towards the end of the race, I was hurting and tired and generally over everything. My walk breaks were getting longer, and I was getting pissed at myself because the walking just seemed to take too long. I started to run just to pick up the pace a little and I found this "gear" that I could get into and just keep going. It hurt, but walking hurt too, so I just kept going. It's nice to remember that I have that gear, because that's one I might need to use during my 50 miler.

So what's the verdict? Oh man that race hurt. But I learned some good stuff! And that's what training runs are for, right? Now it's time to rest up for marathon #2 this weekend. We'll see if this still seems like a good idea then....


  1. 1.) This post convinced me that you are 100% trail runner.

    2.) It becomes my singular goal in every race to become "that b!%@# that won't give up" to someone. So congrats on that!

    1. I would say 80% trail runner, but man.... Did I mention how much road marathons HURT?!?