Thursday, September 13, 2012

Speed workouts? Ok fine...

So it's been over a month since my trail marathon. I've stopped doing a race every Saturday... I guess it's time to start facing the facts that I've got yet another full marathon coming up in October. Time to get to work. I mean, even my blackened toenail from the full in August is growing out. Ugh...

What does get back to work mean today? Today it means, my legs are tired and I'm kinda grouchy. Enter awesome running friends. I texted my friend earlier when running seemed fun this morning. And I didn't want to be a deadbeat, so I showed up, grumpy mood still intact. AND tonight was workout night. Workout? Man, I hadn't done a workout in so long I kind of forgot about them. Oh boy was I reminded.

I know that speed work is supposed to be good for you. My coach/guy that gives me suggestions I ignore has talked about this and that and lactate threshold and science that I don't understand. And I know he's right (don't tell him I said that), but man it's hard work. Oh it pays off too. I may not gain a lot of speed but I gain some and I gain a lot of "suffer" practice. Suffer practice? It's that part of a one mile repeat that you get to and  you want to stop cause it's a nightmare but you speed up. It's that last Fartlek that you want to skip but you said you would do 10 so you suffer through the last one because that's just what you do. And when you get to mile 22 of your race and you hate everything and you want to be done, you remember that you know how to do this.

So, I worked my way through two one mile repeats and then my legs were dunzo. They were dunzo from the get go. But I actually put in a good effort. And I forgot the good "hey I did that" feeling you get after a good effort. Ok ok ok it's not my favorite. But I'll try to do it... sometimes.

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