Sunday, September 9, 2012

Double Running is Double Funning?

Running twice in one day seems like a silly thing to do. I mean, it would be an awesome thing to do if I didn't have a job, or dogs to manage, or laundry, or a house to pretend that I clean... But I do have all of those responsibilities. Some days I do lift weights in the morning before work and then run after work. But those runs are often crap and I often say things like,"ugh this was a stupid idea, why did I think this was a good idea".

But I also like even numbers and double digits. Oh sure that sounds crazy. Because it is. I bought my first Garmin and immediately became the girl that jogged around the parking lot to make a run 8 miles exactly rather than 7.96. I could just leave it hanging at 7.96 could I? COULD I?

So yesterday I had a LOVELY seven mile run in some cooler weather with a friend that is one week away from her full marathon. I should have gone further, but due to my F Rule training plan... I said screw it, it will be more fun to run with my friend! So I did that and it was super fun. But then my training panic set in and I felt like I should go farther. That was after cheering for a 5k, getting coffee, and going to the farmer's market. What's a girl to do?


I had someone ask me once if it's still a long run if it's broken up by a few hours, like running half in the morning and half in the afternoon. The answer is no, it's not a long run. The end. But.... the extra miles can set a gals' mind at ease when she feels like she's abusing the F Rule in her training plan. When a gal feels like she is blowing off a weekend long run opportunity. Well, you get the idea. So I went home, dropped off my groceries and took off on a three mile run to give me 10 for the day. An even number AND a double digit. Still not as many miles as any training program would say I should go, but enough miles to set my mind at ease. It's not a terribly long run, but it works....

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