Thursday, June 28, 2012

The F rule

All we've heard about here is hell fire and brimstone about the coming heat wave. Sure it seems a bit early for our friend the heat advisory. But that jerk shows up every year. And every year we gripe about how bad it sucks and how the water we have to haul around is too hot and we become shocked that we have to take a walk break (or in my case MORE walk breaks).

However... some of us still run. Like tonight. Because why not? We'll take it easy. Drink lotsa water. The first thing we decide is that our workout will be called sun/shade fartleks. Run in the sun walk in the shade. What about that street that has no shade you ask? That's when you istitute the F rule.

Do whatever the F you want.

Turns out I've been training by the F rule for years! I just never had a name for it.

What's the workout tonight? F rule.
How many miles are you gonna go? F rule
What's your prerace ritual? F rule
What's your race pace? F rule
Why are you standing in that sprinkler behind a tree giggling like some kind of freak?  F RULE

Why are you spraying water from your water bottle onto your running companions? Because it's hot and we're close to a water fountain for refills. Duh. Ok maybe the F rule isn't the best answer for every question. But it's a pretty fun answer for many questions.

Side note: I would like to thank the class of 1984. They donated or raised some money for a wonderful water fountain on campus that made today's ridiculously fun/awful/awesome run possible. Class of 1984, you rock!

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