Saturday, June 23, 2012

Paynetown/ Pate Hollow Triple


This is either the best idea, or the worst idea. Ever.

I took up trail running late last year. I had stayed away from it for years because of stupid, puny, weak ankles from years of mediocre gymnastics as a child. And I'm a klutz, big time. I was also intimidated. I mean, trail runners are tough and fast and macho and I am none of these things. But one day I secretly went out to this magical Paynetown Trail with one of my best friends. She's my pace and one of the sweetest gals I know. And neither of us knew what the heck we were doing. So it felt safe. We had a blast!

People that don't live in Indiana think Indiana is pancake flat. That is a fact for much of the state. But not not here in southeastern Indiana. We gots some hills. My fancy pants Garmin tells me that this was the elevation info for the Paynetown triple today.

Elevation Gain:1,995 ft
Elevation Loss:1,946 ft
Min Elevation:583 ft
Max Elevation:839 ft

These numbers basically just mean ow. It's a beast. But I love it. In the morning when the sun is just peeking through the trees and it hits a spiderweb just right.... I fall in love with everything. Always.

So another friend decides she's gonna run her first trail marathon this August. And being the generous person I am (or sucker), I jumped at the opportunity to help her train! Time on the trails with a best friend? Who could ask for more!?! We've done a few runs together and I would typically bow out 4-6 miles before she was done. Because you know, I wasn't training for a marathon.

Then she did three loops at Paynetown. There was no way I could have done it that day. My knees were achy before I took my first step on the trail that day and the first 12 I did run with her felt like tiny hammers were being pounded into my knees. The whole time. When she came back from her 18 miles victorious, I became obsessed with the triple loop.

So today was going to be the day, I just KNEW it!

Obstacle one:
Here's what my workout at the gym looked like on Friday morning.

OK, I don't breathe like that and I'm laughing my butt off right now watching it, but you get the idea. What this macho dickwad in the video isn't telling you is that three reps in, your calves start to cramp up like you've had charlie horses for 72 days straight AND it doesn't get any better when you're done. Then you wake up the morning of your big triple loop at P-town and you realize that you can't really walk well. Do you give up on your run? Nah. You make a chia seed concoction because chia seeds have magical powers, right? It'll be fine, right? It'll only be yelpy painful on the uphills. Right? RIGHT?

It was.

But I just knew I was gonna do it. First loop... lovely. Refill Camelbak, inhale honey stingers. Second loop... company! Three friends joined me, yeah! I knew this would be the "fast loop" because I was trying to show off for my friends, or something. Third loop... oof. I was really on my own for this one. I had told the fellas that did two loops, "I'll post about my triumph in at least two hours on the Facebook, if that doesn't happen, send help". So I began. Here's a some of the things that went through my mind:

Why is there so much uphill?
It's hotter now.
Everything is awesome.
My lower back hurts so much I almost don't notice the knife in the calf pain I've had all morning.
Why so much uphill?
It would be cool if I saw a turtle.
Am I drunk on endorphins?
What's with all the f'ing uphill?
ow my calves
I'm hungry
Is that a green bouncy ball?
That's a plant, why would I think it was a bouncy ball?
Am I seeing things? Oh well.
So much uphill.
Pick up your feet, pick up your feet.
WEEEEEEEEEEEEE (last downhill).
Oh my god I just did that! I JUST DID THAT!!!!
ow my calves

Now I'm ice bathed and lounging in some compression tights and life is good. I've emailed the race director to see if I can upgrade my  race from a half marathon to the full. If he tells me no, it's fine. I did the triple at Paynetown. And once my calves don't feel like a pot roast in a vice, this is gonna feel better than any race ever. Because sometimes doing stupid dumb stuff just to see if you can do it, can feel pretty amazing. But also... ow my calves.

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