Monday, June 25, 2012

Taking Crazy to a Whole New Level

I've run two full marathons in my life.

Marathon number one:

I just want to do one. Then I can say I've done it.
I'm gonna follow every single training run to the letter.
I'm gonna join a training group to make sure I can accomplish my goal.

Marathon number two:

I just want to earn my "S". You know, so when people say,"This is Erin, she runs marathonS", I don't have to correct them.
The first one wasn't so bad.
All of my friends are doing this one, it'll be a BLAST!
I got this training thing down, I won't even need to do all that running I did the first time around!

Yeah, you can imagine how these played out. First marathon=magical running day. Second marathon=90 some degrees on race day and I'm standing at the starting line knowing that I'm screwed.

So I took a year off. The second marathon took so much out of me I needed that time to consider if the old 26.2 was really worth it again. Of course it was. I mean I had to redeem myself from the crap show that was marathon two.

The plan was that 2012 would be my comeback year. I picked my race, Columbus, Ohio marathon. It's in the fall, I've heard great things about it and I already have two friends that have signed on to head over there with me. I'm gonna train hard and kick 26.2's butt (relatively speaking)!

I have my training schedule mapped out. It will start on the 4th week of July, I know just what I'm doing. My OCD is having oodles of fun with all of this planning..... and then..... whoops. That race director said I could upgrade my trail half marathon to a full marathon on August 4th because it seemed like a good idea to do that. When did I lose my mind? When did that happen?

This marathon happens in about 6 weeks? WTF! I kept joking about training for a marathon. Like, "ha ha ha, I know my mileage has been really high but I'm not REALLY training for a marathon, I'm just helping a friend train for one" And, "ha, ha, ha, I know 14 and 15 mile runs seem like overkill but really I just want a good spring board for when I REALLY start training for a marathon...which I am not doing right now". And now I'm openly training for one (it was silly to try to hide it all this time). And I keep thinking that this is stuff that real runners do, just deciding to run full marathons all willy nilly. No planning, no stockpiling snacks and gels, no counting back-up shoes, no planning race outfit options 6 months ahead of time.

Wait wha? Am I getting the "real runner" crazies? Crap I must be. This is either gonna be the best idea or the worst idea ever.

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  1. I think it'll be the most magical marathon(s) because:
    A. You know what to expect and
    2. It's something you want to do and you don't feel pressured into doing it like Chicago.

    I'm very proud and excited for you.

    Oh, and PS--if you look over some of those October runs from 2009 you'll recall that they weren't all that magical. ;)