Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just one more....

Seriously? This is me? When did this become me? Dang.

So there it is. The Tecumseh trail marathon. It's a beast. So I've heard. It's got giant elevation gains... so I've heard. And I'm gonna run it on December 1st. I fought it and fought it, but now I'm in. CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP.

It's THE local trail marathon. And I've wanted to do it ever since I fell in love with trail running. But I kept thinking my schedule wouldn't allow it, it was too hard, the cutoff was too fast for my slow legs, and on and on. And then I had a great marathon, followed by a great half marathon, and then I just thought... maybe. I said to myself, if I can get 18 in a hilly Pate Hollow, I can do this. And then I realized that if I was planning on an 18 mile run, I was going to run the race. So I signed up.

Then the 18 mile run came. Mother Nature ordered up AMAZING weather! And lots of fools in my running group had a lot of miles to run too. The next thing we know this run is turning into a "thing" and it's a thing we call TRAILGATING!
Photo: Out 'trail-gate'

Seriously? This is genius!Friends+Food+massive amounts of running and hills! Our trail was a 6 mile loop and people just ran what they needed and ate and laughed post run! Everyone wins. EVERYONE! I got 18 miles of running, tepid coffee, m&ms (peanut and plain) AND HAM! Holy crap, sometimes magic awesome days happen and you just want to hug everything...

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