Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Running!

I love running. I love my friends. And I love my community. That makes the Bloomington Bagel Company's Turkey Trots 5K on Thanksgiving one of my favorite runs ever!

The first year I was a runner, I did this run. My husband thought I was crazy, but I loved the idea of getting up at the crack of dawn on a holiday known for gluttony and running around a sleepy town with other people from my community. This run has no entry fee, no t-shirts, and no winners. You just show up, run a 5k and enjoy bagels, coffee, and well wishing! That was six years ago and this is still one of my favorite runs.

Earlier this week my scar tissue in my knee reared it's VERY ugly head at me. Being the calm and collected person that I am.... I had a complete freakout! We're talking I can't breath what am I gonna do, I have a marathon in a week and a half, OHMYGODIMBROKEN freak out!!!! So, today's turkey trot wasn't just a fun run, it was a will my knee let me run test. No pressure, right?

In completely unhealthy bury all your feelings deep deep deep down style, I acted like today was no big deal. Just my favorite 5k with lotsa friends and some dude in a turkey costume. La dee da....

Thankful for turkey day miracles!!! The knee whined a little, but no barking. And I got to see tons of friends, got lots of hugs, and generally felt so grateful that this is where I am in my life. Oh and I got my picture taken with a giant turkey and some child I don't know.

So now it's time to eat a truckload of pie, have a couple of beers and start properly obsessing over this taper. Let's do this thing!

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