Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is It Spring Yet? Is It Now?

I'm so eager for Spring I feel like I'm losing my mind. Ok, losing my mind more than normal...

This week we had a day that was actually in the 60's! The 60's! Oh my lord. I was so excited. I even got to run in a bit of daylight in the 60's. So I got excited. And there I was tromping around in capris and a t-shirt with the perfect song on my ipod and a smile on my face. I was running on campus and having a blast looking at all the akward clothing choices the students had made. I know I know... undergrads often make strange clothing choices, but this random warm weather had made them even more hilarious to me. So I had plenty of sightseeing and was really enjoying this solo run. And as I was running down the sidewalk I see this big guy running with his dog coming towards me. For no good reason we ended up high fiving each other as we passed. And it was AWESOME! I've never seen this guy in my entire life... but we were both so happy!. It's like all the runners in my little part of the world were way too excited to get a taste of some warmer temps. To be outside and not have to pile on every item of clothing I own. It was a thrill!

So then it got cold again, of course. Because it's February. Duh. But when Saturday's run came along I of course planned for an early start. Because heart rate training and hilly trail running make for a looooooonnnnnngggg morning. I need all the hours I can get. As I was waiting for my friend to show up I walked outside and I could just feel it. That feeling you get when you just know that Spring is coming. YOU JUST KNOW IT (nevermind that it comes at about the same time every year)! With a blue sky and gorgeous morning sunlight, it didn't even matter that it was 20 some degrees. I got downright giddy imagining the the trails getting green with new growth and critters coming out of their boroughs. I'm a bit eager if you can't tell....

Is it here now?

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  1. So close its tastable. Mmmmmm - fresh air and the smell of animal feces combined with new growth . . . *homer drool*