Sunday, February 17, 2013

Solo Long Run...

Here we are again. Time for another long run. It was about 17 degrees out this morning. And all my friends that were going to start early with me weren't feeling up for it. So I was off on a break of dawn solo long run! I kept trying to come up with a coherent blog post throughout the run, but my thoughts were all over the place. I realized that this was not a post that could come together as a story. Rather I'll tell you the story the way I thought it. Welcome to my disjointed long run brain....
But first, a bit of background. If you didn't read my post about heart rate training, I'm still doing that. And it came up in my conversation with myself many times. Here's the post. I think that just about gets everyone on the same page. And we're OFF!
- I hope this is the right way, the map looks a little different, oh well. I'm just all alone in the woods, what could go wrong?
- Is that a coyote? Greeeaaatttt. Hmmm.... what do you do when attacked by a pack of coyotes? Curl into a ball? Run? Bend over and kiss your a.... goodbye?
- I love it when the sun just starts to come up and everything is sparkly! I wish a picture would show how awesome it looks. Or I wish I could write a poem to explain it!
-I don't even like poetry. Why would I want to write poetry? It's such frilly talk it makes me uncomfortable. Maybe haiku? That seems more efficient but also frillier. Dang it.
-It sure is cold, I hope my Camelbak line doesn't freeze up.
- Heart rate training is kind of fun because your watch tells you to take walk breaks! Sorry folks, gotta walk, the watch says so.
-Did I just try to jump over that log with my back leg straight as if I were a hurdler? I am not a hurdler and almost fell flat on my face. Mental note, this is not an effective way for a 5'2" runner to jump a log. Got it!
-Ok really heart rate? I'm going downhill? Gimme a break here!
-Yup, water line of the Camelbak is completely frozen.
-Hey there's something swimming in the lake? Is it a monster? Nope, it's a beaver! I guess that's cool too.
-huh? Where are those chatty people coming from? OHHHH... those are my running group friends and their across the lake from me. Sounds like they're two feet away.
-Yay! Running group friends! High fives all around.
- Walking up a hill in front of a running group friend I stop because according to my heart rate monitor I'm near death.
     Me: You gals go ahead, my heart rate monitor is telling me to take a nap on the trail
     Running friend: OK, just remember... if you start to get warm, you're dying.
That is AWESOME. And also a good fact to keep in mind.
- Seriously! Can I run a little you stupid HR monitor!?!?!?

-Maybe if I take my gloves off it will lower my heart rate?

- Nope, my hands are just cold now! Why the f did I think that would work?

- Maybe if I had a sip of water for the last 5 miles of this stupid run my heart rate would go down!!! I could just stick my face in my Camelbak reservoir and drink from it like a pup... Nah I'll be fine.

- CAN I RUN NOW!!!! Two more miles.

- Maybe if I stick the Camelbak hose down my shirt it will thaw out and I'll be drinking water like a champ! Nope, it just makes me cold. Why the f did I think that would work?

-Is it normal to want to break down in tears during HR training out of frustration?

-It sure is pretty out.


Soooo..... a typical good run/bad run. Glad I did it. Beautiful day out! And I do love that trail. I'm not ready to give up on heart rate training, but I am ready to punch it in the mouth.

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