Sunday, March 2, 2014

Funny Long Run

Last weekend I ran thirty miles. As a training run. I tried to write a post about it, but the post seemed really boring, I may go back to it, but for now let me tell you about yesterday's run.

I've been running with a gal that's training for her first 50k a bunch. And when you seem to be running 20+ mile runs every weekend, your great college town gets very small, and you feel like you've run the same stupid roads a trillion times! So this Saturday we decided to try an area of town that we don't normally run on and some roads we have NEVER run on! I tried to make a route ahead of time, but immediately got bored so we decided to wing it, which added to the adventure.We also had company! Someone we don't typically get to run with was going to join us for the first 10+ miles! 

I woke up not "into" the run, so I was extra happy I was meeting people to run with. We took off and started the run.... Which ended up being full of laughing, running, and fun. Not the fasted run, but a run that reminds you that even a run you don't want to do can have some really awesome stuff along the way...

- we stumbled onto some giant houses that had their lights on, and in the predawn sun, we could see inside (don't judge, everyone does it, right?). Wait, did they still have their Christmas tree up?! They've got a zillion dollar house and they don't have their Christmas tree down?

- In the same really nice neighborhood I got irrationally excited to find.... A port a potty! You see, one of the problems with unmapped routes are lack of bathroom planning. Thankfully this is a very new nice neighborhood, so there was a construction potty that I could take advantage of. I got finished and darted out of the bathroom saying "there's hand sanitizer!" You know, it's the little things. 

- I got out as salt pill and immediately dropped it onto the ground, picked it right back up and was ready to take it when my friend says, "it's fine to eat things off the ground, it's a really nice neighborhood". For some reason this was hilarious.

We wandered all over these neighborhoods, looking at houses, having conversations that share a random intimacy that's only shared after a few hours of physical exhaustion. We ended up on roads that left us slightly clueless as to where we were heading. I almost stepped on a fairly freshly dead opossum and screamed like a child.

We also ended up at a Tibetan Cultural Center where we took a much needed walk break to check things out. Because if you run all the way out to a Tibetan Cultural Center you should take a look around.

On the way back to the cars I also had a tremendous ankle roll, down a hill, which led to a fall, which led to a ful body tuck and roll which my friend declared "professional".

It started out as another stupid twenty miler when I headed out, but it ended up feeling more like an adventure. I'll call that a win.


  1. This sounds awesome! I wish I had cool friends to do long runs with :)

    I definitely know the beauty that is a port-o-potty that pops up just when you need it! Although my emergency port-o-potty didn't have hand sanitizer! That was super lucky!

  2. I am glad you had an adventure and happy the "roll" ended up okay too!