Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Things I Learned in 2012... or like to think I did

Everyone is heavy into making New Year's resolutions. Lose weight, quit smoking, grow wings, become a unicorn, and on and on. I made a few goals last year and accomplished them all, which was kind of cool. BUT, the cooler stuff that happened last year was the stuff I hadn't planned. So this year I know I want to shoot for 1,000 miles run, because I just like that goal. But I think that my other goals for the year are to do my best to learn from some of the stuff I picked up on last year.

- Quit saying I'll NEVER do stuff. Saying that virtually guarantees I will do it, and love it.

- If something sounds terrifying and ridiculous... really look into possibly doing it.

- Don't sign up for every race I've ever heard of in January just because it's $5.00 cheaper and seems like it will fit into my calender. I signed up for some of the best races I ran last year late in the game. And some of the races I had no interest in by the time I got to the starting line were a "great deal" when I signed up for them in January.

- Don't sign up for a race just because all of my friends are. It's like every mom ever says...."if all your friends jumped off of a building, would you do it too?" I signed up for a few races that my heart wasn't in at all, just because my friends were. There's nothing wrong with tagging along to cheer. Or if we are continuing with the mom example... just go cheer for your friends jumping off the building! You don't have to jump too!

- If something hurts and won't stop hurting, go to a doctor.

- Along those same lines.... I don't ALWAYS have to run the longest distance available at any given race. If there's a 15k and 5k, I always feel like I have to run the longer distance. More bang for my buck or something macho like that. Sometimes a little less macho leads to a little more fun.

- Accept the runner that I am on any given day. That may not be the runner my schedule says I should be, or the runner I pictured I would be all day at work, or the runner I think I should be. Or it may be a super awesome runner that I didn't even know existed.

- Try to find something awesome in every run, even if it's only something stupid like my Garmin finding a satellite quickly.

- Don't eat ALL the cookies, but enjoy the ones I eat

I think I learned some other stuff, but I can't remember it right now.... Is that a bad sign?

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