Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yes my ears are FINE!

I know that living in southern Indiana is nothing compared to say.... Wisconsin or Montana during the winter. I get that. But for us, a windchill of single digits is cold. And we become whiny. And as runners that means it's the time of year where we begin frantically digging through our closets looking for our warm stuff.

Now, lets talk about my head. It's gigantic. Maybe not in a cartoon way, but definitely in a I can't wear hats that don't stretch way. And my head also gets very hot when I run (insert hot head/angry girl joke here). I've never been able to wear a hat when I run for two reasons.

1) I get way too hot too fast
2) Most running hats are to small and either make me feel like my head is in a vice or they slowly creep up my head until they fall off.

So every year when the weather gets cold people get overly concerned about my ears.

Erin, I'm afraid your ears will fall off.
Erin, do you want to borrow my hat?
Erin, I'm worried about your ears freezing off.
Erin, aren't your ears cold?
Erin, you're a fool,cover your ears, what's wrong with you?

I eventually just ending up shouting about how fine my ears are sporadically to ease my friend's well meaning minds. And sometimes they are a bit cold, but I just couldn't find the magic piece of material to solve the problem.

Enter the magical Saucony headband!

I just got it and it is all the things I love! Big enough to fit my giant head, thin enough to not make me sweat to death, and light enough so that when I'm tired of it and pull it down to hang around my neck, I barely notice it's there!

So, now that I have it and love it, I'm sure that a warm front will come through southern Indiana and I won't need it. But when it is cold, don't worry about my ears, ok! They're covered!

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