Sunday, October 7, 2012

1st Rule of Taper is... Make the Runs you do AWESOME!

Taper Shmaper....

I would have told you Saturday morning that I'm over running. I'm slow, I'm tired, and I'm sore all the time. Let's get this race in the bag and be dunzo! Every time I get to the taper I hate everything. I'm so excited to taper, but I hate not running. I also hate sleeping, being awake, walking, writing, cooking, chewing, other people chewing, using a stapler, and on and on.... But what if I did a different kind of taper this time? What if I tried to make all the runs I am allowed to do awesome? What if I make it a goal of my taper to fall in love with running! Genius? Maybe...

This idear started on Thursday. I was a super hateful grump monster. But I suckered a friend into unpaid therapy (running with me). I word vomited all the things that had been making me crazy. She listened. I healed. Ahhh. Friends that run and listen are the best friends in the world. She kept asking me, "do you run faster when you're venting?" I guess I do.

Then Saturday... You see, there was a trail race I had thought about running. I didn't really want to race. It was a triple loop 15k. I had no interest in doing it to be honest. But I wanted to be around my friends. Decisions.... I made the "smart" move and said, no I'm not gonna do the race. I was thinking, I'll just run in the State Park near my house. I had a friend that had agreed to do the first 4.5 loop with me, and then I'd do the second lap solo. Sounded good. Then Friend got sick. Then race got canceled. There was a part of me that thought a solo run was a good thing. Me and nature. Heaven. But I got out of my selfish runner I already have my day planned out brain and thought... I'll just tell them they can meet me.

WIN! I pushed myself harder and ran more miles than I would have solo! We crossed a creek with water up to our thighs 4 times! Had I been running alone I would not have crossed it once... We ran up a thousand stairs and laughed and smiled and the leaves are changing color. And I love running. Maybe I didn't get as many miles in as I would have on the road. But I LOVED running that day. I think this can work..... we'll see.

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