Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Decent RUN! A Decent Decision Run...

Remember how that race I was gonna do was canceled by a snow storm? It got rescheduled! Well there’s more to that story now too…. BUT as of New Year’s eve I was still determined to knock out that trail marathon in a week and a half. The only problem was ever since the reschedule… my long runs had been the pits.


You know how it is? I LOVE long runs. Love EM! But all my long runs since the marathon that wasn’t weren’t really playing out like they were supposed to. I cut miles, I felt crappy, I lost interest halfway through the run. It just wasn’t working. I got through the runs, so that’s good, but I kept thinking to myself… am I even trained to run this race anymore?


So after a not rainbows and unicorns run on Christmas Day, my husband and I planned to do ANOTHER long run on New Year’s Day. My plan for this run was:


18 miles.
Try to have fun.

On trails.
Try not to hate it.

On hilly trails.
Smile sometimes.

No mileage cutting.


If I could do that, I could do the race. No pressure, right?


Well, my job is very calendar year oriented. So, I’m one of those people that works an EXTRA long day on New Year’s Eve. This year, I worked 13.5 hours. Not exactly the day you want before a decision long run, but that’s what I got!


Even though my day before long run was not ideal, I tried to mimic race day morning. I ate a real breakfast, had some coffee, did some stretching and foam rolling, and took a Vespa. But I was still a nervous wreck when we got to the trail…


What if this run is a giant fail?

What if I’m ready to give up after the first 6 mile loop?

What if my ankle rolls?

What if my water line freezes?




For the first loop I was joined by two friends. One, took of quickly because on a good day she’s much faster than me. And thanks to my lack of sleep and giant stress day the day before…. My heart rate was not letting me have a good day. My other friend decided my not good day pace was ok by her and we moseyed through a lovely 6 mile loop. I started the second loop quickly so that I couldn’t change my mind. For the second loop I took the trail in the opposite direction and regretted it for the two loooonnnnngggg slow uphill miles. I got loop three underway and ran into my husband who had already finished 3 loops and was done for the day…. For ONE second I wanted to be done too. But I felt ok, so I said, “sorry, I have to finish this loop, so it’s gonna be a while”.


The sun was out at this point it actually felt WARM out! SUN! I took the last loop easy and happily trotted back to the car. My husbands run was not his favorite, but I felt GREAT! This was the first long run I have had in so long that wasn’t some kind of disappointment! AND I got to start of the new year with a great 18 mile run! How cool is that?!?!?!!?


So…. According to my dumb “decision run” rules, I was ready to run the race.

Did I?

Well like I said at the beginning… there’s more to the story.

Does anyone else do decision runs? Or is it just me?


  1. Wouldn't this be what we call Steph's training? Decision (made the week of a race) Running?

    I feel like the Race Management is doing decision runs with this race and course options!

    1. Yeah, but Steph takes it to the extreme. Like, "that 20 miler went pretty well, I think I'll run a hundred on Saturday". I'm not quite there....