Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Running!


My husband and I don’t get time off during the holidays for family visiting. So we make our own rules. Sometimes I get sad about not getting together with family. But a lot of times I’m grateful to not be stressed out with planning and organizing.

Christmas and New Year’s Day both fell on a Wednesday this year. And typically my husband has Wednesdays off to do his long run. He immediately (and correctly) assumed that I would not be keen on him disappearing for hours on end on Christmas day. BUT, the more I thought about it, the more I thought, why not? In my head it was going to be the two of us out in the woods frolicking and laughing and getting back home to eat delicious food that was waiting in the crockpot. So did it turn out that way? Well…..

We did get to see a beautiful sunrise!

We had the woods all to ourselves. And my dear husband even ran at my standard snail pace. I had such high hopes! Those hopes were very quickly trashed when about 1.5 miles in I have a massive ankle roll that lands me on the ground. BUT I didn’t drive all the way out to this park to do a 1.5 mile out and back. WHERE’S MY FREAKING CHRISTMAS MAGIC? The first 6 mile out and back was harder and lamer than I wanted it to be. And if it was just me I would have contemplated throwing in the towel there. But I thought, well this is Husband’s long run day. This guy needs a freaking long run. So we headed out for an 8 mile loop (that I shortened to a 7 mile loop).

This loop was even worse due to stumbling around on my weakened ankle, walking because my ankle hurt so badly and having that stupid Feed the World song stuck in my head!


When we finally got done and were eating snacks and drinking warm coffee, I said, “man I’m so glad you didn’t say let’s stop at 6, cause I totally would have stopped at 6”. Husband answered with, “ OH MY GOD! I totally wanted to stop at 6”. Teamwork! Even though the run was not my best work, it was still a cool way to spend Christmas morning with my favorite person.

I ran on New Year's Day too. It went much better. Give me a day or two and I'll write about that one too.

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