Thursday, August 9, 2012

Post Marathon Resolutions

So, I ran that marathon thing on Saturday. And after the race, I made some post marathon weekend resolutions. They are similar to New Year resolutions. Granted, you probably won't hear as many I will quit smokings, but I have made plenty of post race resolutions in the past:

I'm going to start cleaning the house again
I'm going to take the dogs for walks on a regular basis
I'll start making dinners that are more than just a slab of meat and frozen veggies
I'll start to fold laundry (not just wash it)
I'm gonna finally stain that deck

The list goes on and on. You see, when I get about 3-4 weeks away from a big race like a marathon, everything else falls by the wayside. I surrender to the constant pain, and recovery, and the running, lots o running.

For this race I made one post marathon resolution. Stop treating M&Ms as a food group. Because it turns out they are not one. And when I am not running 30+ miles a week, my daily bag of M&M habit is going to become a big problem... for my waistline.

I'm not someone who is naturally thin. Ever since I lost 30 pounds in 2007, I'm hyper aware of how easily it could all come back. But, towards the end of marathon training I just don't care. You can get away with things like double dinners and a bag (or two) of M&Ms daily. Now, however my mileage is back down again and double dinners are no longer an option (although my appetite would beg to differ).

So I'm taking M&Ms off of my food pyramid or my plate or whatever clever visual aid they are using now to remind you that you shouldn't eat crap food. And so far this week I have failed miserably at this.

Monday - Bag of M&Ms
Tuesday - Chocolate covered pretzels
Wednesday - Bag of M&Ms AND chocolate covered pretzels

Perhaps some public shaming on this here blog will help with the project....


  1. You DEFINITELY need to cut yourself some slack, kid. You are only FIVE DAYS post-race!! YOU RAN A TRAIL MARATHON!!!
    Make a big bowl of salad, stick it in the fridge, dish it out to accompany your M&M's. Add some lean protein to even things out... You're golden!
    When's your next marathon?

    1. Oh, I'm just ready to get my life back in order now that this thing is done (next one is October 21st). Turns out, getting your life right back in order is easier said than done. Oof

  2. way to go on that marathon...amazing to do one in august! snack on almonds and raisins! i keep em in my and you can def toss a few m&ms in there :) cherries and grapes are great too!