Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This taper is driving me crazy... even in my dreams

One of the more interesting things about losing my mind during a prerace taper is that the insanity carries over to my dreams. I often get very vivid and ridiculous dreams leading up to races that I'm anxious about. Here's a few dreams I have had leading up to this race.

-Adult cheerleader squad
I got accepted onto the grownup cheer leading squad. However, when I met with the co captains and they told me that practice would be 3 hours a night I freaked out. WHEN AM I GOING TO RUN? They explained to me that we had state championships (yes, for adult cheer leading) coming up soon and we had to get ready. After one more meeting where they explained to us that we would have to start going to a designated doctor who would report back to the co captains, I shouted something about HIPPA and stormed out.

-Intruder breaks in.
Apparently I was living with about 4 other people who all headed out to go to the movies and this robber breaks in. More like walks into the house casually wearing the very non-robber outfit of a blazer and jeans. I yelled at him and told him to get out of the house. He ignored this and headed right to the bathroom where apparently my husband and I had an elaborate hidden panel that disguised where we kept all of our precious jewels. (This is very amusing because we do not have any precious jewels in reality). Instead of calling the police I stomped upstairs and repeatedly bashed his head into the wall of the shower. Is this dream telling me that I'm a little stressed?

-Running club friends design an elaborate "triathlon".
The race involved various obstacles and challenges. One of the first challenges was that the competitor had to select an unlabeled box of cookies in a room that was designed to look exactly like the room from the movie Saw. This obstacle really stressed me out, because I enjoy cookies very much and wanted to choose wisely.

Another obstacle was walking through a small maze. Take a wrong turn and you're at a dead end, with a live chicken.

There was also a 1980's dance room (the snacks were good there, but some other racer made fun of me for staying too long) and an arts and crafts station. I don't remember any biking, but there was a creek you had to swim across, even though it was only knee deep water.

- get a massage at work.
In this dream I had a coworker that gave massages (I do not have a coworker that gives massages). So we went into a room we had at work that had a dentist chair so that she could get my legs loosened up for race day (we also do not have a room at work with a dentist chair in it. And furthermore, a dentist chair is not ideal for massages). I then woke up six hours later (in the dream, not in real life) and was completely stressed out about how I would make up six hours of work the week before a race. And why did none of my coworkers wake me up?

What do they mean? Who cares? It's just another side effect of this never ending taper...

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