Thursday, August 23, 2012

That's what I look like when I'm running? ewwww

Do you remember your first race with real race photographers? I do. It was my first half marathon. I was excited and terrified to see how amazing I looked running at my lightening fast (or so I thought) 12:30ish minute miles. So I finished the race....and then I waited. And the pictures were just as I expected. I looked slightly angry and confused. Yup, that's about right.

My next race I went from angry and confused to looking like a T Rex. Why a T Rex you say? Well, because apparently I was running with my fists pulled back to my shoulders and every picture looked like I had wee tiny T Rex arms. I didn't buy those pictures. But I assure you that they look like this.
My next few races I was determined to get some super tough runner pictures. But it turns out I'm not a super tough runner. Dang it. What's a girl to do?

Act like a moron that's what!!!! I started acting like a fool at most races when I see a photographer. Because at least the photos will be interesting. And if I look like an idiot I can just say that was the plan. It's better than saying that I wanted to look really fast, but it turns out I'm not. I point, I clap, I scream, anything that makes it look like I'm not trying to look like a "serious runner". I'm not a terribly serious runner, but I just don't look like one at all in photos.

This practice typically works well, until I'm in a race that I just want out of. Like the Chicago Marathon of 2010. My lord I even considered faking an asthma attack to end that race. But then I thought about the people that might have ACTUAL medical emergencies, and I kept moving forward. Ugh. I digress. I was proud of myself for not giving the photographers the finger at many points, but I couldn't pretend to be running and I couldn't pretend to be having fun. I was just moving forward. So how did I end up with THIS amazing picture from that race?
I got this ridiculous and awesome picture because:
1) I had finally located a friend (yeah I do know that girl on the right, she's not just some weirdo trying to hoard in on my awesome photo)
2) We were very close to the finish line, I was so excited about this finish line I cannot put it into words how excited I was about the finish line.

I've bought very few pictures, because they cost a million dollars. But I always love to look at them. I also love to look at other people's pictures. Especially strangers, because if you think you look like a fool running... I can guarantee somebody always looks worse....


  1. That one is so good! We had good ones from Women's Half too - though mine from Geist trump all my other race photos!

    1. Yep, the Women's Half pictures were another case of THANK GOD I'M WITH A FRIEND AND THIS RACE IS DONE!!! And your Geist pictures... well they made be believe in magic again. HILARIOUS MAGIC!

  2. LOL!!! i feel the SAME WAY about race pictures. mine look like i am a hunched over 90 year old who is walking during a running event.

  3. I bet this guy doesn't take bad race photos... (the ridiculously photogenic runner)!!