Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What Am I Doing???

I have no idea what I'm doing right now. I ran a marathon on the day my *actual* training for my full marathon this fall was supposed to start. So rather than take my typical two weeks off after running a marathon, I started running again. And I'm back at the gym lifting weights. The week after the race, I logged 16.5 miles. And my upcoming Saturdays look like this... this Saturday - Half Marathon, the next Saturday - Trail 15K, Saturday after that - Half Marathon.

This all looks reasonable on paper. It all seemed smart when I registered for these races at their lowest prices a million months ago. But then I threw in that "on a whim" full marathon. And now I don't know my head from my ...... you get the idea.

So here's what my OCD raddled brain is trying to figure out:

Am I recovering?
Should I be tapering for the next race?
Am I training for the full yet?
Is it normal to sleep in compression tights this often?
Why did this all seem like a good idea?

I suppose that shorter slower runs is a type of recovering. So that answers that. I can't really taper for all these races or tapering will just turn into "not running". I know I'm not training, but can't help feeling like I should be. I suppose that my fantasies of serious training are out the window for right now. My legs are working but they are laughing at the idea of speed work. As a matter of fact I had to take an ice bath after a 7.5 mile run on Saturday.... is that a bad thing?

So I guess I'm back to the F Rule for right now. Current training schedule... Keep running, run more (but not too much), do whatever the F I want.

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