Saturday, July 28, 2012

One Week til race day...

One of my dogs woke me up last night to go outside. And before I went back to sleep, I realized that next week I'll be running a marathon. And then I started sweating uncontrollably.

And ever since race day came into the 10 forecast on, the song 25 Minutes to Go by Johnny Cash has been stuck in my head.
Today's run was supposed to be an easy 8 miles and it felt really hard. Is that normal? Wait, what's normal about running a marathon?

Half marathon's I'm used to. I've done enough half marathons to feel comfortable with the distance. I know when I'll start to get tired, I know when I'll get a second wind, and I know what parts will suck the worst if I'm having a bad day.

But the full marathon? I just don't know it well enough to go to this one calmly. I'm a mess.

Oh and I fell during today's run! Miles and miles of training runs on trails and I get a sweet wipe out a week before race day. WTF!?! Thankfully, my knee jammed into some soft dirt and my butt cheek took the worst of the log I rolled in to. I now have a black and blue butt cheek + giant welt on butt cheek. And once I stopped forward movement I looked up at my running friends and said, "wait, did I just hear you turn off your Garmin before you made sure I was ok?" She didn't want to count the time if she wasn't running. I get it. I mean, didn't I turn off my Garmin when we surprised a black bear while hiking in Montana? We runners are a f'd up bunch that's for sure.

One week to go...

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