Friday, July 13, 2012

A Sampling of Dumb Conversations.... from a 20 mile run

What do you talk about when you do a 20 mile trail run in 90 degree weather?

Well, it helps when your 20 mile run involves two friends to keep you company. But having company can sometimes mean you talk about really stupid things. Here's a sampling:

Friend 1: Do you ever think about what you would do if something really bad happened? Like what if someone broke a leg? Are we equipped to help that person.
Friend 2: I'm first aid certified
Me: We could take off our shirts and fashion a splint with logs we located on the trail! And then we would make a sled to drag you out of the woods.
Friend 1: I could make a nice fluffy pillow out of all this stupid dirt.

Conversation two
Me: Quit wandering off the trail to look at bugs and rabbits. You're like taking a child to the zoo. Next time we aren't going to let you wear your hydration backpack, I'm going to give you a backpack that looks like a monkey and I'm going to hold onto the tail so that you stay on the trail!

Ongoing conversation:
Me: It's gotta be 90 degrees out. Did it just get hotter?
Friend 1: My feet hurt
Friend 2: My feet kinda hurt too.
Me: I'm certain it's 90.

Conversation three
Friend 2: Friend 1 what is in your hydration backpack? Cause I think you're drunk.
Me: I am not gonna make a splint for you if you hurt yourself because you're drunk.
Friend 1: That would makes this run fun huh? Being drunk?
Me: NO! That would be awful. Is it 90  degrees? I think it's 90 degrees.


  1. I got to stalk deer and play with a turtle on my run yesterday. Ha! Monkey backpack...hmmph.

  2. There is REALLY something to be said about the friendships that develop over multiple hour runs....