Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello Humidity. I have not missed you a bit

Home from vacation last night at 2am. Oof. Want to know how many days I ran while on vacation in beautiful Montana with it's zero humidity? one. Still training for a marathon... according to my schedule, but only ran once. It was an epic run which I will expand on soon. But this morning I became a runner again and admitted that tapering doesn't mean... TRADE ALL RUNS FOR HIKING!

My dear training buddies and I scheduled a run at 7:30am this morning. I haven't been in humidity for a week, so waiting for things to really get swampy out later in the day seemed like a horrible idea. Then again... an 11 mile run on four hours of sleep with that crappy uncle humid pants hanging over your head wasn't either. And we ran...

The company was delightful. The extra oxygen (lower elevation) felt amazing. But, after the first 5 miles even the extra oxygen had lost it's sparkle. But, you keep going I suppose. And I did, because my car was still 6 miles away. 6 miles of run/swim away.

I finished the run. I love my running friends. I hate humidity. I am TERRIFIED of race day. If today's 11 miles felt this sloggy. What am I gonna do with another 15? Marathon freakout #785 of this training round.


Should I cram in some miles?
Should I drop to the half?
Can I lose 16 pounds in the next 13 days to make the running easier (less to transport)?
Is there a way to surgically implant wheels into my feet? Would that be cheating?
Is it normal to freak out like this?
Is it ok if the race takes me two days to finish?

UGH... 13 more days (thanks for reminding me, training partner). I just need to make it to the starting line.

Job #1 -  make it to the starting line.
Job #2 - propel body forward 26.2ish miles


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  1. Trust the magic of the taper, young Padawan. You've got this.