Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tonight, I Rest

Have I mentioned that it's hot here? Ugh, this is Indiana, not Arizona. Today I'm not even kidding, it was 104. Now one run in the heat advisory makes you tough. Two makes you a macho runner. Three runs make you slightly nutso... ect ect. But good lord I feel like all I do is run in heat advisories anymore! It's lost it's luster and I'm melting...

And I'm grouchy. I'm melting and I'm grouchy and I'm hungry all the time. Oh yeah, these are prime symptoms of marathon training. Come on kids join the fun!

I also have OCD. OCD with running? Helpful you think? I probably do EVERY workout. Well..... I'm not so great at doing every workout. But I ALWAYS run Monday and Thursday. Always.

Not today. Today it was hot. And I was in a pissy mood all day. And my knee is not 100%. And I forgot to pack a sports bra. So my OCD arm wrestled my pissy day.

The pissy day won.

What? Then the OCD went crazy in my brain. Your supposed to run 5 miles. Is this going to mess with your schedule? You're not following the schedule? Why even print out a schedule if you're not going to follow it? If you don't follow the schedule will you fail on race day? Remember Chicago (bad race, I'll tell ya about it later)? You skipped training runs for Chicago and look how it turned out. So it's hot, you think it's gonna cool down before a marathon on August 4th?

I say SCREW YOU STUPID OCD BRAIN! Maybe sometimes it's ok to surrender to a pissy mood. It's like a mini vacation. Mini vacations are a good thing right? right?

I swear I'll be a nicer person tomorrow. I swear I'll be a runner tomorrow. But tonight, I rest. Ahhhhh....

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