Saturday, July 7, 2012

12 mile run becomes 10 becomes ugh....

There's a lot of wisdom in the theme song to The Facts of Life. And if you're too young to remember the show, I'm sad for you. Cause Tootie was Da Bomb. But here's the theme song.

Today's run was supposed to be 12 miles. What's 12 miles after last week's EPIC 20 miler? When you're training for a marathon you constantly find yourself saying dumber and dumber combinations of words. Like, "isn't it great that we only have to run 12 miles today? It's gonna be a piece of cake!"

So here we are, a cut back week, YAY! I knew that Friday I needed to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate because it's still hotter than lava in these parts. However my guts had different plans for me on Friday. I had gut trouble all day. Couldn't eat right, couldn't drink right. Kinda felt dehydrated when I headed for bed. OH GREAT!

So I was cautious going into this thing. And boy howdy it was the definition of a ball sucking slogfest! First my knee tweaked again (thank you friendly runner buddy for hooking me up with some Ibuprofen), then the side stitches, then the heat.... then I hated everything.

We were on a 10 mile loop, thinking we'd knock off the 10 mile trail and then pick up a couple more miles afterwards. Oh no no no no no. I gave up on that idea after about mile six. Ten miles would be just fine if I could only survive them.

We got done and and were guzzling ice water when my friend checked her phone only to discover that the heat index was around 102. OOOoooh, well that makes sense. What is wrong with us? There's not enough time to get into that topic. But what it made me remember is that when you're running a lot you sometimes have these ball sucking slogfest runs. It's ok. It's ok, right? Every training run can't be rainbows and unicorns.

I suppose today is just a win that we all got through safely and got some forward motion in. I suppose some days that's good enough. AND if was a good reason to have the Facts of Life theme song stuck in my head all day. WINNING!


  1. I loved me some "Facts of Life"...

  2. Hey great job out there when you didn't feel your best AT ALL. You are awesome at stick-to-it-iveness. :-) Glad I am training with you!